Faris Syed

Advisory Board Member*

 Faris has been in the M&A business since 1990, after graduating with Finance & Marketing degree from Miami. His career quickly moved him through the ranks at a large retail group in the diverse south Florida market. 

He joined Toyota distributorship in Southeast US in 1999, working with the firm until 2014. In the spring of 2014 he launched UBC based out of Orlando, Florida. 

His tenure as a consultant with the distributer gave him first-hand experience in the initial years of the Auto Nation Group, currently the largest family of auto dealerships in the United States. He also worked very closely with the Asbury Group, assisting them in building a hands-on model management style, during their initial years of entry into the Southeast markets. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Faris launched his first automotive M&A firm in 2014, SAR PARTNERS, which is currently a premier automotive dealership mergers and acquisitions firm in the country. The highly efficient, and well-respected company, has networks throughout the automotive sector, including top ten publicly traded companies, privately held groups, and major private equity firms, which are involved in the sector, or are looking to step into the highly complex, yet a profitable sector of our economy. 

Faris launched UBC in late 2014 as well, as he wanted to separate the automotive vs the non-automotive sectors, which involves totally different skill sets, and management styles. UBC is becoming a major player in the Southeast US and looking to work with the heavy weights of the industry worldwide. Faris’s relationships across the industry span the globe, and the footprint of his global network shows in his achievements throughout his career. 


* Exclusions in Canada until March 2025; Any dealership for automobile, motorcycles, leisure or recreational, trucking, agricultural, marine or heavy industry vehicles and equipment, in each case whether new or used, and alone or in any combination thereof, and whether through bricks and mortar or internet or other presence (individually or as a group).